Booted up my PC this morning, all set to work on the next chapter of the thesis.  Loaded up my chapter, loaded up the referencing software in the background, went to open a reference paper to check the date ... wouldn't load.  Tried again.  Have been having speed problems with my browser later, so wondered if I had a memory issue.  Went into control panel, upped the virtual memory setting, rebooted the machine ...

Only it didn't.  Seriously didn't.  Tried my boot disc and found myself staring at a DOS prompt, and a very very rusty recollection of what to so next ...

Unplugged everything, trogged it down to the local PC shop.  'Couple of hours, love.  We'll take a look at it for you.'

I have at least five days worth of hard work that I will never be able to get back sitting on that machine.  Not to mention the entire back reference library, wich took me equally as long to set up in the first place.  That's potentially ten days extra work when my thesis is scheduled for submission next month ...  Not to mention the terrifying thought of having to potentialy reinstall all my software.  If I can find the disks.  If I can locate the serial numbers.  If I can remember all my website passwords, and the ftp configuration to connect to them

A couple of hours later comes the news.  It's not good.  The operating system is corrupted somewhere, which means a clean install.  However, he has managed to read my dat disk and copy my document folders onto the portable hard drive I'd left with him.  So hopefully I haven't lost the last few days work.  Reference library?  Not so sure.  Software configurations?  Oh yeah ...

He's going to put a new disk in for me, and piggyback the old one as a slave, so I might at least be able to rescue drivers, and a few other things (like my entire mailbox, for one ...)  But we shall see.  Meanwhile, I have lost at least a days working time, have all sorts of tedious reinstalls, awaiting me, and am currently working on the old machine (ex Warwick) which is probably the equvialent of doing a reinstall from three years ago. *sigh*

I am not happy.  Not happy at all.  I'm not paranoid.

The universe really is out to get me ...


Testing my birthday present

My DB treated me to a new close up lens for my camera - so I've been taking pictures of things really, really close ...

The cats aren't that impressed  (as you can probably see,) but the results have been pretty good so far.

Anu close upAnu close up

Snow on the hedgeSnow on the hedge

Lenny close upLenny close up

Rom close upRom close up

Ice crystalsIce crystals



Good game, this ...

Okay.  So last week I was shifting boxes, moving out of my weekday flat and bringing home everything (well, most of it, anyway) that I'd managed to accumulate over the past four and half years.  Like additional crockery and cutlery.  My good office clothes.  My craft stuff.  Several shelves of books (and the shelves ...)  Folders and files for the thesis.  One PC ...

We somehow managed to stack all of this up somewhere in the house, requiring me to squeeze past stacker boxes in order to get to bed, and stare grimly at still packed suitcases when trying to decide what to wear in the morning.

So this week, we've started the inevitable game of chinese puzzle blocks, which requires something to be done in one room, so that we can move boxes out of another, sort out that space, and move the contents of the boxes back ...

So far, we've managed to absorb the extra kitchen stuff into the kitchen (although I did raise an eyebrow at finding DB happily pouring light soy sauce from a small bottle into the big bottle of dark soy sauce ... 'shake it up, it'll be okay' he says. ...), have packed the old, old PC (five plus years back) into the boot of the car to take to the dump this afternoon, and made sufficent space to sort out the pile of junk in the bathroom - which we have to do, in order to be able to reassemble my shelve units (temporarily) in there, so we can sort books and move folders.  Once we've done that, we can bring down the rest of the stuff from the attic, redecorate up there, and put all the 'store for now' stuff back up there, making room for ... oh, you get the idea! 

At some point, I may have a house that looks like a house, and not a warehouse - although I'm not holding my breath!

I've also sort of promised the DB that I'll buy him a PC that will cope with the 3d graphics software he wants to play with, so I need to sort out how to manage five PCs in a two person house.  (That's mine, weekday mine now back, his, my laptop and the office laptop. )  Thank the gods of technoolgy for creating wireless networking!

And at some point, in among all this, I have to get on with writing the thesis!

Nu-job's good though.  Even if I am spending half of it chasing around the country ...
Beware of the Thing

Sums it up quite nicely, really.

Just went to the ITV replay site, so I could watch the latest Primeval.

The warning notice against the episode said:

Contains mild violence and gun use. Also contains shots of aggressive monsters.

Hard to argue with that ...
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