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Poetry meme: Post your favourite poem

Oh, this one's hard!

There are a great many peices of poetry I love, and my love of them shifts as my mood and the moment changes.  And sometimes it's just part of a poem that appeals, or catches my heart - so there are lines that echo, and stanzas I admire.

If I'm pushed, it has to be declamatory - quotable, lyrical, and filled with hints of magic.  Flecker.  Chesterton.  Tennyson on a good day.

And if I'm really pushed, it has to be Kipling:


The Sack of the GodsCollapse )


I can grok that!

creative writing is love
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Sounds about right to me ...


Thursday's Cat spam

Last of the Christmas cat photos ...

More cats this way ...Collapse )

Wednesday's cat spam

The sixth cat revealed!  There really is a Lenny - and I have the photographs to prove it!
Black cats on the prowlCollapse )

Tuesday Catspam

A few more family photographs.  Still no sign of the sixth cat ...

More cats this way ...Collapse )

Monday's cat spam

I took some pictures of our cats over the Christmas break - including one of the elusive sixth cat, who - up until now - has never  ventured far from safe and secret hiding places.  He's not in this set.  Anu insisted she was cute enough to get a post all to herself ...
Warning - cat cuteness under the cut ...Collapse )

Just time to extend the blessings of the season to all my friends:

On this the shortest day, I wish you the warmth of the smoldering Yule Log, and the light of the returning Sun reflected in the flame of candles, the twinkling of electric bulbs, and the glow in children's eyes.

I wish you the strength of community and clan and the blessing of the love of family and friends within your heart, even if you believe yourself to be alone.

I wish you the safe embrace of the Long Night to protect you and nurture you and the illumination of the Moon and stars to guide you as weather the storms of deepest Winter. I wish you opportunity and growth in the wake of these harsh times, like the land around you ~ you shall be cleansed, fresh and ready for the impending spring.
I give thanks for all that I have and all that I have yet to gain or experience. I look to the Night to nourish my intellect and as the Days grow longer I shall use what I learn this Night and all the Nights to come to Serve, to Love and To Grow. I wish each of you the Peace and Joy you have bestowed upon me and mine.

Solstice Blessing  By Morri--Morrigan Sidhe.


The Lands of the North lie dark today

You created worlds and characters that warmed the heart and have forever coloured the British childhood.  Saggy cloth cats and strange knitted aliens with piping voices, noble Vikings, honourable engine drivers and friendly dragons populated the landscape of your imagination - and, generously, you shared them all with us - with wide eyed children, captivated by a combination of simple images and stunning story telling.

Thank you.

Thank you for Bagpuss, and Professor Yaffle and the Mouse organ.  Thank you for Noggin, and for Thor Nogson and even for Nogbad the Bad.  Thank you for the Clangers, for the Soup dragon and for blue string pudding.  Thank you for the Poggles and the Pingwings, and for Ivor the engine and his Welsh dragon.  Thank you for gentle magic and generous creativity.

RIP, Oliver Postgate. 



Fragrant and portable

Someone needs to tell Giles - they're marketing laptops with a built in scent ...

It seems to be a 'new car' thing - a fragrance that fades, unlike the slow accumulation of age and use that transmutes the fresh scent of glue and ink and paper into the musty but wonderous scent of books.  You might as well spray your PC with perfume - you'll get the same effect, and you won't have to pay designer prices.  (Not for the PC, anyway!)

I give them marks for trying though!


Noticed in passing ...

Overseen at the NEC today:

Sign saying ' ... middle earth area closed for repairs.'

They have got to stop those hobbits dropping things into the volcano,.  It does so much damage to the place  ...